There is nothing more discouraging to us than disappointing our customers. Our website is updated daily from both local inventory, as well as the inventories from our major distributors. If listed, products are available at the time of our update.

On occasion, both our store and our suppliers can be temporarily out of stock on some items. When this occurs we ship those items which are available, advise our customers of the situation, and return the amount paid for the item(s), plus any applicable tax, to the customer’s credit card, or Pay Pal account, used when the original order was made. If unavailable items exceed 50% of total value for all items purchased, the original shipping charge is also refunded (US & Canada Only). However, this does not apply when orders include quantities exceeding specific quantities available stated in product descriptions. In the case of Money Orders, a check is issued to the customer within 24 hours of shipment. Refund checks are mailed separately.