Find Out How To Choose The Right Dolls House For You

A Dolls House can come in many shapes, sizes and forms. They are based on different periods and can be aimed at children or adults. When choosing your first dollhouse one thing you really shouldn't do is buy the first one that catch's your eye because more often than not when you get it home and actually start setting it up you will find that it really wasn't for you.

You want to be sure that the house you choose will meet all your needs. You want to know that you can fit electric lights easily into the house and that it is suitable for you, or for the child the dolls house is for. If the house comes in a kit you want to ensure that it is easy to put together and if you are on a time limit to get it ready as a gift that you have enough time to finish it.

The first thing to do when choosing your dolls house is to get an idea of the type of house you want.

Are you looking for a period house, maybe Victorian, Georgian, or Tudor or are you looking for a more Modern house.

What size doll house do you want? A large house with a lot of rooms or a smaller house just to start you off. You could also look for a house you can extend in the future by adding an attic or a basement.

How will you create your doll house? Do you want a house that is ready built or do you want to build it from a kit or are you feeling really adventurous and thinking of building one yourself from a plan?

Once you have chosen the type of dolls house you want there are a few things to consider before you make your final decision:

What is the house made from? There are two main types of wood that miniature houses are made from, plywood and MDF. The preferred wood is most definitely MDF for many reasons. For a start MDF is much sturdier wood and makes the house much stronger. If you are looking for a doll house for a child MDF is definitely the best wood.

MDF also provides a much smoother finish for the inside and outside of the house and will give the best painted finish. It will also not splinter as plywood does.

If you want to fit electric lights into your doll house MDF will allow you to make grooves in the wood to run the wires along so your house is not scattered with lots of unsightly wires. This is something you can't do with plywood houses as the wood in much thinner and will splinter if you try to cut grooves in it.

Front or Back Opening? Dolls houses can be front opening or back opening by this I mean that the front or the back of the house will open to display the rooms inside.

If you are going to be displaying your house then the best type of house is a front opening one as it can be placed against a wall with the front fully visible and can be opened to view the contents.

The last thing you need to decide before you choose your dolls house is whether you will have it built and decorated for you, build it yourself from a kit, or build it yourself from a plan. Take a look at our guides to Finished Dolls House, Kits, plans to help you decide.

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